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Bakhur / Bakoor Incense Burner Stand Handmade of Nickel with Open Cut Works in Geometrical PatternsGolden Bakhur Incense Burner Made of Brass with Open Cut Works in Traditional Arabian patterns

مبخرة نحاسية - ذهبي وفضي

د.إ132.00 AED د.إ264.00 AED
Hand-Carved Vintage Brass Metal Planter vessel Vintage Brass Metal Planter with Primal Carvings

ديكور سفينة نحاسية

د.إ749.00 AED د.إ999.00 AED
Angled Side View of Leaf-Shaped Brass Snack BowlTop View of Leaf-Shaped Brass Snack Bowl's Glossy Silver

وعاء مكسرات - ذهبي و فضي

د.إ68.00 AED د.إ99.00 AED
Front View Striped Decorative Jar GoldFront View of Striped Decorative Jar - Brass

جرة نحاسية زخرفية مخططة

د.إ989.00 AED د.إ1,355.00 AED
Primally Embossed Nickel Coated Brass Metal Tissue Box Cover

غطاء علبة مناديل نحاسية

د.إ208.00 AED د.إ415.00 AED
Front View of Glossy Silver Colored Brass Metal MirrorGlossy Nickel Coated Table Mirror Made of Brass

مرآة نحاسية

د.إ275.00 AED د.إ549.00 AED
Straight View of Vintage Oil Lamp - Silver Flat View of Vintage Oil Lamp - Silver

مصباح زيت عتيق

د.إ109.00 AED د.إ169.00 AED
Textured Brass Tray For Serving Drinks & DelightsLayer Textured Decorative Brass Tray for Kitchen & Dining

صينية نحاسية مزخرفة

د.إ145.00 AED د.إ249.00 AED
Angled Side view of Metallic Amenity Box with Open LidsAngled Side View of Metallic Amenity Box

صندوق معدني

د.إ150.00 AED د.إ350.00 AED
Glossy Silver Brass Metal Place Card HolderGlossy Silver Place Card Holder

حامل بطاقات نحاسي

د.إ49.00 AED د.إ125.00 AED
Angled Side View of Contemporary Bamboo Picture FrameFront View of Contemporary Bamboo Picture Frame

إطار صور خشبي

د.إ39.00 AED د.إ219.00 AED
Angled Side View of Rustic Wooden FrameFront View of Rustic Wooden Frame

إطار خشبي صدف

د.إ39.00 AED د.إ219.00 AED
Hand-crafted Place Mat with Acrylic BeadsDecorative Handmade Beaded Place Mat for Kitchen &  Dining

حصيرة مطرزة

د.إ47.00 AED د.إ175.00 AED
Original Bull Horn DecorAuthentic Bull Horn For Home Decoration

قرن الثور

د.إ1,455.00 AED د.إ2,099.00 AED
Front View of Vintage Telescope Table ClockSide View of Vintage Telescope Table Clock

ساعة طاولة تلسكوب عتيقة

د.إ187.00 AED د.إ319.00 AED
Classic Mini Telescope for Desk/ Table Top DecorAntique Brass Nautical Telescope with Tripod Stand

تلسكوب نحاسي مصغر

د.إ349.00 AED د.إ499.00 AED

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