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Our company is one of the best-selling dealers in the UAE for antique Indian home decor accessories and furniture. The rich cultural heritage of India significantly influences traditional Indian furniture designs, which is why these designs are timeless and will never go out of style. Antique Wooden Decorative item for home from our collection has everything you need to make your indoor area feel decorative, functional and fulfilling no matter the season. Exceptional craftsmanship combined with a unique antique look makes all this stand out. Our collection ranges from Indian antiques, Indian antique restoration furniture, antique architectural elements furniture, Indian wooden furniture, Indian brass furniture, Indian iron and wood combination furniture and Indian carved furniture etc.

Wooden Decorative Item for Home

Buy vintage home decor in Dubai at affordable prices at Tarrab. Place a custom order for your own ancient Indian home décor from our bespoke furniture collection, and we'll deliver the pieces to you. We also offer worldwide delivery. Additionally, our return policy is flexible in that you will get your product exchanged within seven to fifteen working days.

Tarrab is pleased to provide a wide selection of Antique Furniture Dubai for your next household or business restoration project. Our large collection of vintage furniture includes styles such as Indian antique restoration furniture, Indian wooden furniture, antique architectural elements, and Indian carved furniture.

Tarrab, the leading Antique Furniture Store Dubai, understands the needs of your living space, which is why we deliver Antique Furniture for Sale Online in Dubai and have diverse products in this category to meet the exact needs of your home's interior.

Choose your favorite piece from our collection of antique tables, cabinets, stool, wooden bench, and many more unique pieces for any space. Make a statement in your environment with a one-of-a-kind item that displays your personal style while also harboring a piece of history into the future.