Lighting is Used to achieve practical or aesthetic effects in a space. Lighting is the key part in interior design which can enhance task performance, improve the appearance of an area, or have positive psychological effects on occupants. Different types of mounting and methods are used to achieve a great looking space. Some of them are:


Wall Sconces

Lighting has the power to transform spaces. In particular the Wall sconces or Wall lights are a great lighting choice for both indoors & outdoors. They can act as the primary light source in your room or as an addition to your main lighting and also on the outdoors for creating a great atmosphere. Wall sconces can elevate the mood and look of your spaces by diffusing the lights over the wall. Our Arabic collection of wall lightings are handmade in our factory and also handpicked from local & international suppliers to ensure that we have high-quality products suited for almost all tastes and preferences. Our wall sconce lights are the perfect addition to highlight a specific area in your desired spaces.

The above image shows us the use of two brass wall sconces to highlight the wall décor. With reference to this the wall sconces can be merged with any type of décor whether it is industrial, modern or contemporary, a wall sconce will always do its part. Below are some of the wall sconces / wall lights that we provide to our customers.


Ceiling Lights

Chandeliers/ Pendant lights were invented in the year 18h century. Before that people used candles for lighting purposes. Chandeliers are huge lightings with few or more bulbs and light pendants varies from size to size with one single bulb. When it comes to bringing great spot illumination and ambience.

Chandeliers & Pendant lightings plays an important role in decorations. Designers particularly use these types of lights to bring the magnificent atmosphere to places such as guest rooms, lobbies & Stairways. Ceiling lights are also used in the Islamic culture as a way to illustrate the religious symbols by placing a massive celling light at the center of mosques. This has been a symbol of the Islamic religion for decades, and it can been seen in many Islamic cultures such as Syria and Turkey.


Floor lamps

Floor lamps is one of the most iconic decorative pieces in the hospitality field. They are used to add a unique touch to floors. Their main purpose is to add a decorative touch rather than a source of lighting. Many floor lamps designs, such as Syrian floor lamps are carved with magnificent craving which is reflected around when they are lit up. They are considered relatively expensive pieces to own as they are made from fine metals such as brass, and cautiously handmade by professional craftsmen.

We at Tarrab offer our customers with a huge variety of custom lighting solutions and Antique Arabian lightings. Whether you are hoping to get brass wall lanterns, jar-shaped wall lights, ceiling lanterns, or pendant lights, the diffusion of light through the coloured glass or perforated frame is sure to provide an enchanting ambience to your home. We got you covered. Shop now!

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