Front View of Brushed Textured Brass Metal Vase with Hand-Hammered TextureFront Angled View of Brushed Textured Brass Metal Vase with Hand-Hammered Texture

Jarrón de latón martillado

د.إ399.00 AED د.إ554.00 AED
Handmade Glossy Silver Colored Decorative Brass Metal Vase / Jar Handmade Decorative Brass Metal Indoor / Outdoor Vase Jar with Intricate Hand Engraved Floral Motifs

Tarro de latón floral decorativo - Oro y plata

د.إ636.00 AED د.إ909.00 AED
Front View of Long Neck Vase

Jarrón de cuello largo

د.إ6,749.00 AED د.إ9,639.00 AED
Top Angle View of Globe Shaped Wooden VaseFront View of Globe Shaped Wooden Vase

Jarrón de madera en forma de globo

د.إ752.00 AED د.إ1,549.00 AED
Front View of Raw Textured & Patinated Striped Brass JarFront View of Glossy Silver Colored Striped Brass Jar

Tarro de latón rayado

د.إ719.00 AED د.إ959.00 AED
Front View of Golden Colored Decorative Brass Metal JarDecorative Brass Planter Pot Handmade with Primal Markings & Hand-Hammed Textures

Bote Decorativo de Latón - Oro y Plata

د.إ299.00 AED د.إ379.00 AED
Front View of Vintage Carved Brass Jar

Tarro vintage de latón tallado

د.إ396.00 AED د.إ792.00 AED
Top Angled View of Gold Colored Brass Metal Décor ContainerFlat Bottom View if Polished Brass Metal Décor Container

Recipiente decorativo de latón dorado

د.إ979.00 AED د.إ1,699.00 AED
Front View of Golden Colored Metallic Engraved Flower Vase

Florero Metálico Grabado

د.إ59.00 AED د.إ99.00 AED
Glossy Silver Brass Metal Table Top Flower Vase Intricate Organic Pattern Engraved Small Brass Metal Vase

Florero - Oro y Plata

د.إ99.00 AED د.إ189.00 AED
Angled Top View of Vintage Carved Brass PotFront View of Vintage Carved Brass Pot

Olla vintage de latón tallado

د.إ7,099.00 AED د.إ7,199.00 AED
Vintage Decorative Brass Planter Pot Hand Engraved with Primitive Botanical Motifs

Decoración de maceta de latón

د.إ4,399.00 AED د.إ4,499.00 AED
Front View of Textured Bottleneck Brass Pot

Olla de latón con cuello de botella texturizado

د.إ2,449.00 AED د.إ2,649.00 AED
Handmade Decorative Brass Jar with Primitive Botanical Motifs

Decoración de ollas de latón

د.إ2,999.00 AED د.إ3,119.00 AED
Hand-carved Traditional Arabian Brass Decor JarTraditional Arabian Vintage Brass Jar for Home Decor

Jarra decorativa árabe antigua de latón

د.إ3,499.00 AED د.إ3,599.00 AED
Dark Textured Handmade Large Antique Brass Planter With Pedestal Base

Macetero de latón con textura oscura

د.إ2,949.00 AED د.إ3,149.00 AED
Front View of Short Neck Vase Decor

Decoración de jarrón de cuello corto

د.إ279.00 AED د.إ349.00 AED
Front View of Glossy Silver Colored Hand-Hammered Texture Floor Vase Decor

Decoración de jarrón de piso martillado

د.إ429.00 AED د.إ659.00 AED
Antique Decor Pot with Handmade Primitive engravings in Floral Motifs with Sturdy Stand and HandlesAntique Arabian Style Decor Pot with fine patinated Primitive Floral Motifs

Jarrón antiguo con motivos florales

د.إ1,789.00 AED د.إ2,119.00 AED
Fine Patinated Antique Brass Pot with Primitive Floral Motifs for Home DecorHandmade Antique Brass Decor Pot with Traditional Floral Engravings

Maceta decorativa oscura antigua con asas

د.إ7,199.00 AED د.إ7,499.00 AED
Antique Brass Decor Pot with Primitive Carvings in Floral patterns

Maceta decorativa oscura antigua

د.إ5,899.00 AED د.إ6,299.00 AED
Handmade Dark Hammered Textured Vintage Brass Metal Pot / Planter Decor

Decoración de olla de latón martillado oscuro

د.إ594.00 AED د.إ899.00 AED
Handmade Vintage Brass Planter Pot With Floristic Embossings

Titular de la planta de latón

د.إ179.00 AED د.إ289.00 AED
A magnificent Antique Brass Vase For Hotel or Villa DecorationA bold Antique Jar Handmade from brass with embossed clovers in fish scale patterns, aged in time for fine patination

Tarro de latón antiguo

د.إ4,999.00 AED د.إ5,299.00 AED
Huge Outdoor Vintage Brass Metal Vase/ Planter Jar Engraved with Primitive Tribal Patterns

Tarro de latón grabado

د.إ523.00 AED د.إ792.00 AED
Handmade Open Cut Work Antique Brass Planter Bin Decor

Tarro de decoración de arte ambiental

د.إ523.00 AED د.إ792.00 AED
Vintage Brass Decor Vase with Fine Floristic Sculptures

Florero de botella de latón

د.إ5,299.00 AED د.إ5,499.00 AED
Side Angle View of Gold Colored Brass Metal BucketFlat View of Gold Colored Brass Metal Bucket

Cubo de latón dorado

د.إ899.00 AED د.إ1,045.00 AED

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