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Elevate your smoking experience with sophistication and functionality courtesy of our Cigarette Ashtray collection from Tarrab. Tired of mundane ashtrays cluttering your space? Our thoughtfully curated assortment of cigarette ashtrays adds personality and charm to your smoking area! These sleek and elegant ashtrays not only provide a designated spot for cigarette disposal but also serve as stylish accents that enhance your decor.

Why Cigarette Ashtrays? They're more than just functional accessories! Cigarette ashtrays seamlessly blend practicality with exquisite design. Offering durable and convenient solutions for smokers, they come in a variety of modern and timeless designs to perfectly complement your space.

Transform your smoking area into a haven of elegance with captivating and functional accessories. Cigarette ashtrays add sophistication and charm to your space, creating an inviting setting for enjoying your smoking ritual. Plus, they make for perfect gifts for fellow smokers, combining style with utility to enhance their smoking experience.

Elevate your smoking ritual with grace and sophistication using our Cigarette Ashtray collection. Explore our offerings today and discover the perfect ashtray to infuse a touch of modern elegance into your smoking area.

Front View of Three Holder Oriental Ashtray

Cenicero Oriental Tres Soportes

د.إ139.00 AED د.إ249.00 AED
Angled Top View of Three Holder Brass AshtrayFlat Close up View of Three Holder Brass Ashtray - Silver Color

Cenicero de latón de tres soportes

د.إ179.00 AED د.إ239.00 AED
Flat Side View of Solid Brass Ashtray - Silver ColorTop View of Solid Brass Ashtray - Silver Color

Cenicero de latón macizo

د.إ59.00 AED د.إ89.00 AED
Top View of Sea-Shell Shaped AshtrayFlat Side View of Sea-Shell Shaped Ashtray - Silver Color

Cenicero en forma de concha marina

د.إ69.00 AED د.إ89.00 AED
Total View of Palm Engraved Ashtray - Gold VariantTotal View of Palm Engraved Ashtray - Silver Variant

Cenicero Palma Grabada - Oro y Plata

د.إ89.00 AED د.إ129.00 AED
Front View of Two Bronze Metal AshtrayFront View of Two Bronze Metal Ashtray

Cenicero de latón de nueve agujeros

د.إ219.00 AED د.إ299.00 AED
Flat Angled View of Mother of Pearl Squared Ashtray - Gold VariantTop View of Mother of Pearl Squared Ashtray - Gold Variant

Cenicero Cuadrado Nácar - Oro y Plata

د.إ65.00 AED د.إ85.00 AED
Side View of Mother of Pearl Rounded Ashtray - Gold VariantTop View of Mother of Pearl Rounded Ashtray - Gold Variant

Cenicero Redondo de Nácar - Oro y Plata

د.إ59.00 AED د.إ79.00 AED
Front View of Nine hole Brass Lidded Brass Ashtray'sFront View of Lidded Brass Ashtray

Cenicero de latón con tapa

د.إ129.00 AED د.إ175.00 AED
Hand-engraved Moorish Design Luxurious Brass Metal Ashtray with Multiple HoldersTop View of Silver Colored Four Holder Brass Metal  Ashtray

Cenicero de cuatro soportes

د.إ69.00 AED د.إ99.00 AED
Top View of Flowery Engraved Silver Colored Brass Metal AshtrayHandmade Flowery Engraved Brass Ashtray

Cenicero Grabado Floreado

د.إ59.00 AED د.إ89.00 AED
Floral Patterned Authentic Brass Metal AshtrayFloral Patterned Ashtray

Cenicero estampado floral

د.إ69.00 AED د.إ99.00 AED
Top Angled View of Dolphin Shaped AshtrayHandmade Dolphin Shaped Brass Metal  Ashtray

Cenicero en forma de delfín

د.إ59.00 AED د.إ89.00 AED
Decorative Table Top Metallic Ashtray with Rough TexturesGrid Like Textured Vintage Brass Ashtray

Cenicero decorativo de latón

د.إ99.00 AED د.إ139.00 AED
Angel View of Camel Shaped Single Holder Ashtray With primitive CarvingsExquisitely Hand-carved Golden Colored Camel Silhouette Brass Ashtray with a single holder

Cenicero Camello Antiguo - Oro y Plata

د.إ69.00 AED د.إ99.00 AED

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