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Decorating home interiors with the elegant antique accessories has become one of the latest trends. Whether you are planning to buy vintage-style brass items or any other home décor accessories in Dubai, browse through our wide collection of lightings and chandeliers. Add your favorite items to your online cart. We have a team who will deliver your choice perfectly throughout the UAE within minimal time at your doorsteps. With our simple 7-15 days returns policy, you can easily send us back our products and choose some other that perfectly fits your demands.

Front View of Three Pillar Brass Bakhoor Burner with Tilted LidFront View of Three Pillar Brass Bakhoor Burner

Quemador Bakhoor de latón de tres pilares

د.إ189.00 AED د.إ269.00 AED
Flat View of Traditional Brass Creamer Set - Gold With Open LidsFlat View of Traditional Brass Creamer Set - Gold
Angled Side View of Gold Colored Vintage finish Gong Fish DécorFront View of Gold Colored Vintage finish Gong Fish Décor

Decoración Pez Gong - Oro y Plata

د.إ249.00 AED د.إ389.00 AED
Camel Shaped Bookend Handmade from Nickel with Mother of Pearl inlays & CarvingsCamel Shaped Bookend Handmade from Brass with Mother of Pearl inlays and Carved detailings
Luxurious Pear Shaped Nickel Coated Brass Trinket Box Pear Shaped Gold Colored Brass Trinket Box

Peras de latón - Oro y plata

د.إ97.00 AED د.إ191.00 AED
Apple Shaped Silver Color Table-top Decorative Storage PotsApple Shaped Golden Color Table-top Decorative Storage Pots

Pote de polvo en forma de manzana - Oro y plata

د.إ119.00 AED د.إ239.00 AED
Bakhur / Bakoor Incense Burner Stand Handmade of Nickel with Open Cut Works in Geometrical PatternsGolden Bakhur Incense Burner Made of Brass with Open Cut Works in Traditional Arabian patterns

Quemador Bakhur de latón - Oro y plata

د.إ132.00 AED د.إ264.00 AED
Angled View of Engraved Peacock Plate GoldPeacock Shaped Vintage Brass Metal Serving Platter

Plato de pavo real grabado - Oro y plata

د.إ99.00 AED د.إ189.00 AED
Top View of Vintage Brass Soap DishAngled Top View Vintage Brass Soap Dish

Jabonera vintage de latón

د.إ99.00 AED د.إ165.00 AED
Top View of Textured Square Soap Dish - BrassFlat Surface View of Textured Brass Metal Soap Dish in Square shape

Jabonera Cuadrada

د.إ99.00 AED د.إ165.00 AED
Set of Brass Horses - Gold, Faced LeftFront View of Set of Brass Horses - Gold

Juego de Caballos de Latón - Oro y Plata

د.إ89.00 AED د.إ175.00 AED
Top Angled View of Brass Powder Pot With Open LidsOriental Style Nickel Coated Glossy Brass Storage Jar

Bote de polvo de latón

د.إ69.00 AED د.إ135.00 AED
Close up View of Tea Powder Pot with Half Open LidFront View of Tea Powder Pot

Tetera en polvo

د.إ79.00 AED د.إ135.00 AED
Hand-Carved Vintage Brass Metal Planter vessel Vintage Brass Metal Planter with Primal Carvings

Decoración de recipientes de latón.

د.إ749.00 AED د.إ999.00 AED
Angled Side View of Leaf-Shaped Brass Snack BowlTop View of Leaf-Shaped Brass Snack Bowl's Glossy Silver

Cuenco de frutos secos - Oro y plata

د.إ68.00 AED د.إ99.00 AED
Front View Striped Decorative Jar GoldFront View of Striped Decorative Jar - Brass

Tarros Decorativos Rayados

د.إ989.00 AED د.إ1,355.00 AED
Glossy Silver Colored Metallic Soap Dish With Geometrical EngravingsGlossy Nickel Soap Dish for Home, Hotel or Restaurants

Jabonera de níquel brillante

د.إ89.00 AED د.إ139.00 AED
Vintage Glass Chimney Oil Lamp - Brass/ Gold
Top View Solid Nickel Tray - Glossy Silver ColorSolid Nickel Tray - Glossy Silver Color

Bandeja de níquel

د.إ149.00 AED د.إ239.00 AED

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