6 Ways to Suite up Your Hotel Furniture and Lighting With Middle Eastern Accents

Explore furniture and lighting ideas combining the beauty of Moroccan lighting, Arabic furniture, and vintage-themed home décor to create a captivating ambiance for your hotels. 

1. Exquisite Moroccan Lighting:

Moroccan lighting is a rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Morocco, influenced by diverse civilizations and artistic traditions. Moroccan lighting combines elements of Arab, Berber, and Andalusian design by adding a touch of mystique & Grand gesture, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Its intricately handcrafted metalwork to colorful glass patterns brings enchantment to your hotel lobby. We at Tarrab understand that each luxury hotel is unique in its design and ambiance. Incorporate stunning lanterns, pendant lights, and sconces in various sizes and styles to create visual interest and focal points throughout the Hotel. That's why we offer customized lighting solutions to meet the specific requirements and visions of our clients. Our team of experts works closely with hoteliers and designers to create bespoke lighting fixtures that seamlessly integrate with the overall aesthetic of the hotel, enhancing its luxurious atmosphere.

Group of Moroccan Pendant Lights Hanging from the Ceiling

Moroccan Lights supplied to Al Bait Hotel - Dubai by Tarrab 

2. Arabic Inspired Furnishings:

Arabic-inspired furnishings can add elegance and Opulence to luxury hotels with luxurious fabrics, rich woods, Mother of Pearl Inlays, and intricate metalwork. Tarrab offers exquisite Arabic-inspired furnishings that rejuvenate luxury hotels worldwide by encapsulating the opulence, sophistication, and spirituality of Arabic design while preserving authenticity and beauty through each piece. Our curated collection showcases furniture with ornate details that add grandeur and refinement to luxury hotel spaces, including elaborate geometric patterns, mesmerizing motifs, and intricate calligraphy, featuring hand-carved armoires and sumptuous velvet sofas that capture the mesmerizing allure of Arabic design.

Bab Al Qasr Hotel Interior Furnishings

Traditional Arabian Furnishings supplied by Tarrab at Bab Al Qasr Hotel 

3. Vintage-Themed Home Decor:

Use of antique-themed accessories as focal points, such as vintage metallic table décor, ornate pots, and vases, and also by incorporating accessories that evoke nostalgia, such as decorative trunks or old-world clocks, etc.., the vintage-themed décor is about creating a harmonious blend of elements that evoke timeless elegance, not just replicating a specific era. Tarrab offers curating antique furniture, incorporating vintage-inspired accessories, and selecting textiles that capture the essence of yesteryears, you can transform your space into a charming sanctuary.

Bathroom Interiors of Al Seef Hotel Dubai

Vintage Theme Bathroom Decor By Tarrab at Al Seef Hotel - Dubai 

4. Luxurious Upholstery:

To create a luxurious and inviting lobby, it's important to choose upholstery fabrics that radiate both comfort and opulence. One can opt for materials like velvet, satin, and brocade to add a touch of luxury to their lobby furniture. Velvet sofas add elegance and sophistication to the seating area, while brocade fabrics lend a regal and timeless quality to the chairs. To create a sumptuous seating arrangement, one can mix and match complementary fabrics like velvet, satin, and brocade cushions in coordinating colors and patterns. Jewel tones like deep emerald, royal blue, and rich burgundy or neutral shades such as ivory, champagne, or taupe can be chosen to create an air of sophistication and indulgence. By selecting luxurious upholstery fabrics, one can create a visually striking and inviting oasis for their guests. Tarrab can help in transforming the lobby into a space that exudes refined elegance and timeless beauty with our wide catalog of fabrics.

Guest Area at Dubai Writers Center with Stiped Traditional Upholstery

Tarrab Supplied Luxury Upholstery to The Dubai International Writers Center by Tarrab


5. Grand Chandeliers and Sconces:

To elevate the grandeur of a hotel lobby, grand chandeliers, and sconces can be used as captivating lighting fixtures. These fixtures not only illuminate the space but also serve as stunning focal points, adding a touch of glamour and refinement to the overall ambiance. Crystal chandeliers are a timeless choice that exudes opulence and elegance. Wall sconces can also enhance the lobby's aesthetics and provide additional ambient lighting. The combination of grand chandeliers and sconces can transform the hotel lobby into a captivating space that exudes luxury and sophistication. The interplay between the crystal chandeliers' radiant beauty and the intricate designs of the wall sconces adds a layer of visual interest and refinement to the surroundings. These fixtures not only provide functional illumination but also become exquisite works of art that command attention and leave a lasting impression on guests.

Lobby Area of Qasr Al Sarab with Luxurious Furnishing and Lighting

Tarrab Provided Grand chandeliers, Sconces & other furnishings at Qasr Al Sarab

6. Rich Colors, Textures, Artwork, and Mirrors

Tarrab can help create a luxurious and refined hotel lobby by incorporating a color palette with richness and depth. Deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red can create a regal atmosphere. Textured elements such as embroidered pillows, intricately patterned rugs, and damask wallpaper can be introduced to add layers of visual interest. Refined artwork and strategically placed mirrors can enhance the lobby's aesthetic appeal, creating a captivating and inviting space that exudes luxury and elegance.

Suite Room of Hotel Fairmont

Tarrab Manufactured & Supplied Suite rooms of Hotel Fairmont with Staggering Furnishings 


At Tarrab, we understand the significance of creating a luxurious hotel lobby that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. By incorporating the allure of Moroccan lighting, Arabic furniture, and vintage-themed home décor, you can craft a captivating ambiance that speaks of luxury and elegance. Tarrab is your destination for creating a truly luxurious hotel lobby that captures the essence of elegance and sophistication. Explore our collection today to discover exquisite lighting fixtures, Arabic-inspired furnishings, and vintage-themed home décor that will elevate your hotel ambiance to new heights of luxury.

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