Tips to enhance your Entryway/ Majlis

Are you looking for ways to create a relaxing, and welcoming entry way environment, that is important in every home? One is as a way to welcome guests into your home, whether you live in a traditional or contemporary space. Entryways have a lot of function. It’s the first thing people look at when coming inside. A welcoming home can make or break their impression of your style and taste. Below are few ideas to enhance your entry way.

1.Lighting up the ambiance

An entry way with ambient lighting

A well-lit entryway sets the atmosphere of the whole home. Entryways are often narrow or darkened corners of your home, so lighting it right will make you feel safe and secure. In either case, don’t skimp on lighting. At the very least, install overhead lighting with a dimmer so you can be in control of the mood. Wall sconces are also great to add extra lighting. Furthermore, luxury crystal chandeliers can be an easy way to create drama in a narrow entryway without taking up too much floor space.


2.Highlight with Doormats or Rugs

Adding softness and color to your entryway is easy with rugs and door mats. A plush, patterned rug is a great option for someone who loves color above all else. A traditional rug can also help showcase the personality and style of your family, while giving any space a chic, modern feel. Outdoor rugs are a great choice for summer, as they add color to your outdoor space while keeping it clean, cool and dry underfoot. Choose from an array of styles from delicate hand-woven rugs to block-printed styles, bringing rich patterns into your home in a big way.


3.Adding storage consoles

A well-designed entryway solves storage issues and creates a well-organized ambiance into your home. Your entryway is the first space guests see when they walk in to your home. How do you want them to feel? A clean, cozy, and welcoming entryway often translates into a clean and well-organized home. Entryways can serve as the obvious answer to any clutter you may have in the main areas of your home, or you might use it for more than that: Putting a chest of drawers or console table is an easy way to maximize square footage, as anything stored in the drawers doesn't take away from walkable space!


4. Mirrors

Nothing says welcome to a home like a shiny mirror with an ornate frame. While they work in any entryway, this piece is sure to bring your foyer into the spotlight. If you’re already thinking about keeping it that way, check out our Handmade Syrian mirror collection.


5.Planters & Flower vases

Entrances can be fantastic venues for your front porch landscaping. If you have a sunny or a shady front door, you can add some gorgeous flowering plants with wonderful planters & flower vases to it in your entryway. There are a lot of reasons to buy flowers for your entryway or porch. It's an affordable way to bring some positivity into your life, and can really lift your spirits of your guests.


Whether your home is a mansion or a humble abode, you will want to make sure that visitors are greeted with your welcoming presence. As with any art form, the techniques and skills required can take years to perfect. So, start by having everything neat and in order. Whether it's a custom shelf or ready-made storage unit, don't miss the chance to include more than enough space for all of your requirements. Keep it polite and simple, so that your guests upon entry will be sure to receive a warm & ambient welcome.

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