Islam is one of the major and popular culture well known for its artistic skills and craftmanship. The Muslim’s conquered most of the regions of the world including Morocco. Morocco is a country with rich art, culture and civilization. Moroccan pottery is one of the major artistic crafts which is inspired by the Islamic, Byzantian & roman art designs. The Moroccan artisans carry this heritage & tradition through the legacy of their families.

Safi, a region in Morocco is the major market for pottery production and trade which had abundant resources needed for the pottery production & trade. After ages migrants started production on Fez (Pottery production & marketplace) introducing new varieties of items with multiple colors, polishes & designs in the market. The production from each of these regions varies as the artists uses different methods & materials for production.  

At first the potters create different kinds of shapes with the clay. After that the wet clay is prepared for the process of etching to get the desired design or pattern. Then it is dried, colored, polished & decorated in different varieties & designs. The pots can be ornamented with brass metal, wood, copper, silver and even mother of pearl. As the pottery is known for its tradition and authenticity of the craftsman, the families pass their craftmanship through generations for perfection. The reputation of Moroccan potters craftmanship is very rich and well known for its creativity, innovation and inspiration all over the world. Especially when it comes to home décor. Handicrafts Items like plates, dishes, bowls, containers & tagines plays a big role in homes, restaurants & hotels. Morocco offers a wide variety of handmade artistic décor items to the world.  .

We at Tarrab are inspired by this tradition, heritage, craftmanship & art. We started working with the finest craftsmen in Morocco to produce and distribute the best potteries for our customers in UAE. 

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